Snowplow at Measurecamp London September 2016 – a recap


Last Saturday, Christophe, Alex and myself were at Measurecamp London.

It has been great watching Measurecamp grow from humble roots in with the first London event 4 years ago to something that really is a global phenomenon. In that time a real digital analytics community has formed and spread: there are events all over the world. It’s been great seeing the level of discussion and analytic sophistication rise event-on-event.

We built Snowplow because we’re passionate about digital analytics and empowering digital analysts. It is great to be in a position where we can sponsor Measurecamp.

I gave a talk at the event on Snowplow itself: how we’re trying to change the way that people do digital analytics. You can view my slides below.

Snowplow: putting digital analysts at the heart of digital analytics – the founders story

Christophe led a very interesting discussion on event data modeling, attended by people working with event stream data using Snowplow, the Adobe hits.tsv data and homegrown analytics stacks. He explored some of the challenges consuming and analysing digital event data, and outlined a number of strategies that he’s developed.

Event data modeling: measurecamp 2016

Alex gave a talk on using data to build data-driven products. In his own words:

The challenge for analysts has moved on from deriving insights, to turning our insights into actions. It’s no longer enough just to understand which of your customers have a high propensity to churn – what can you do about it, ideally in near-real-time? In this session at MeasureCamp London I introduced the rationale for building “measure-driven products”, before diving into a live coding demo using Snowplow, Google Tag Manager and Pusher and some simple JavaScript to power per-customer in-session messaging on a website.

You can view his presentation below:

Building Measure-Powered Products

A number of our team will be at the first Measurecamp Berlin in October. Let us know if you’d like to grab coffee whilst we’re in Berlin.

Big thanks to the Measurecamp organisations for another fantastic event.