The inaugural Snowplow Meetup New York is a wrap!


Three weeks ago Snowplow users based in New York convened on the TripAdvisor offices for the first Snowplow Meetup New York.


We had four speakers from Snowplow, and Viewbix.

I kicked off the event with a brief overview of the history of Snowplow and a look forward to the key areas of development for the Snowplow platform going forwards.

Snowplow: where we came from and where we are going – March 2016

Ben Hoyt and Devin Pohl from followed up with a look at the analytics journey they’d been on at, with a particular focus on how they came to using Looker and Snowplow from Google Analytics.

Snowplow Analytics and Looker at

Dani Waxman followed up with a look at the analytics journey the Viewbix team has been on and what they’ve done with Snowplow there.

The analytics journey at Viewbix – how they came to use Snowplow and the setup today

Our own Christophe Bogaert followed up with a presentation on data modeling. Christophe has worked closely with the Viewbix team to design and deploy a data modeling process that runs very rapidly (within 10 minutes) on a multi-billion row data set. Christophe described the data modeling process at a high level before diving into the tools and techniques for writing performant data models. You can view his slides below.

Modeling event data

It was great to see so many Snowplow users at the event and we look forward to organizing another meetup in the next few months. (Teaser: we’re looking forward to a presentation from DataDog on how they uses Snowplow to support their content marketing campaigns!) To keep up to date with news about future meetups in New York please join meetup group.

Huge thank you to Ben Hoyt, Devin Pohl, Dani Waxman and Christophe Bogaert for some very insightful talks, to everyone who came along. Special thanks to Eytan Seidman for kindly hosting the event at the TripAdvisor office and making sure that everyone had plenty to eat and drink.

Don’t forget – we have Snowplow Meetups planned in May for Berlin and Amsterdam, and hope to be announcing meetups in London and Tel-Aviv for June, and Copenhagen, Budapest and San Francisco later this year. Get in touch if you’d like to help make a Snowplow Meetup happen where you live.