Announcing our summer open source internship program


Snowplow Analytics is looking for 1-2 open source software interns this Summer (May through August), for a 6-8 week paid internship, building on our previous successful internships in winter 2013/14, summer 2014 and winter 2014/15.


Our interns will work directly on and contribute to projects within the Snowplow open source stack. We have lots of ideas for cool projects to do around Snowplow – and if you have any suggestions of your own, we would love to hear them!

A Snowplow intern loves coding, enjoys experimenting with new technologies and is happiest working “in the open” on community/team projects. In terms of programming languages: most of our stack is in Scala, (J)Ruby, Golang and Clojure, but we also have code written in JavaScript, Objective-C, C#, R, Java, C, SQL, Python, ActionScript and Lua – in fact, whatever languages you like working in, we can probably find something interesting for you to do. Technologies and tools we use at Snowplow include Hadoop, Kinesis, Akka, Redshift, Elasticsearch, Kafka, Mesos, ZooKeeper and Samza.

This is a paid internship; we will consider remote candidates who are up to UTC +/- 5 hours maximum. Interested? Please email, and tell us about a piece of software you are proud to have written. Here are some do’s for your application:

Some don’ts:

And that’s it! We look forward to receiving your applications to, and we guarantee that everybody who applies will get a personal response.


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