The Snowplow team will be in the Bay Area and Seattle in October – get in touch if you'd like to meet


I (Alex) will be in the Bay Area and Seattle for two weeks starting from Monday 6th October, visiting Snowplow customers, users and partners. If you’re interested in meeting up to discuss Snowplow, event analytics or unified log processing more generally, I’d love to arrange a meeting!


I will be based in San Francisco from Monday October 6th, then flying up to Seattle early on the 15th, staying there for the rest of the week. If you are interested in using Snowplow, or partnering with us, then please get in touch! I’ll be spending some time down the peninsula in Mountain View and Santa Cruz too.

Reach out to me at alex@ (email address on our full domain) to setup a meeting, suggest an event to attend or for anything else Bay Area- or Seattle-related!