Quick start guide to learning SQL to query Snowplow data published


Whilst it is possible to use different BI tools to query Snowplow data with limited or no knowledge of SQL, to really get the full power of Snowplow you need to know some SQL.

To help Snowplow users who are not familiar with SQL, or those who could do with a refreshing their knowledge, we’ve put together a quick start guide on the Analytics Cookbook. The purpose of the guide is to get the reader up to speed with all the core SQL concepts, especially those that are relevant for slicing and dicing Snowplow data, as quickly as possible.

We hope the guide is useful. Any feedback would be gratefully received. We’d also love to point people at other resources for learning SQL: if there are any you can recommend, then please do add them via the comments section below.

The quick start guide can be found here.