Call for data! Support us develop experimental analyses. Have us help you answer your toughest business questions.


This winter we are recruiting interns to join the Snowplow team to work on discrete projects.

A number of the candidates we have interviewed have expressed an interest in working with us to develop new analytics approaches on Snowplow data. In particular, we’ve had a lot of interest in piloting machine learning approaches to:

  • Segmenting audience by behaviour
  • Leveraging libraries for content / product recommendation (e.g. PredictionIO, Mahout, Weka)
  • Developing and testing new approaches to attribution

We are very keen, however, that any of the above projects be executed on a real data set, for a real Snowplow user, to answer real business questions.


To that end, we are now making an offer to the Snowplow community: do you have a Snowplow data set and one or more business questions that you think would benefit from anyone of the above approaches? Would you be willing to “share” your data?

We will want to blog about the approach and the results of our winterns’ work with the wider community, so we recognize that this may rule out a number of Snowplow users. Still, we are happy to work with whoever signs up to publish the work in a way that doesn’t give away commercial secrets. And for companies that are willing to let us loose on their data, you will hopefully get some highly valuable insights at zero cost.

Interested? Email us at