Snowplow passes 500 stars on GitHub


As of yesterday, the Snowplow repository on GitHub now has over 500 stars! We’re hugely excited to reach this milestone, having picked up 300 new watchers since our last milestone in January.

Many thanks to everyone in the Snowplow community and on GitHub for their continuing support and interest!

Here’s a quick round-up of the most popular open source analytics projects on GitHub:

  • Hummingbird (real-time web analytics) – 2,299 stars
  • Piwik (web analytics) – 1,290 stars
  • Countly (mobile analytics) – 798 stars
  • Snowplow – 501 stars

So we’re in the challenger position but definitely nipping at the heels of the alternatives!

We thought it would be fun to share an updated Red Dwarf heatmap showing where our 501 GitHub stars are located across the world:


Viewed alongside January’s heatmap, it’s really encouraging to see Snowplow picking up more interest in South Asia, Eastern Europe and the West Coast of the US!

In other news, GitHub recently replaced its list of the most-watched Scala projects with a list of Trending Scala repositories. We were delighted to hit the top of this list in mid-September, pipping Scala stalwarts including the Play Framework and Scala itself:


All of this is hugely encouraging for the future. So many thanks for your continued support and look out for some big new features coming to Snowplow soon!