Scala MaxMind GeoIP library released


A short blog post this, to announce the release of Scala MaxMind GeoIP, our Scala wrapper for the MaxMind Java Geo-IP library.

We have extracted Scala MaxMind GeoIP from our current (ongoing) work porting our ETL process from Apache Hive to Scalding. We extracted this as a separate library for two main reasons:

  1. Being good open-source citizens – as with our referer-parser library, we believe this library willl be useful to the wider community of software developers, not just Snowplow users
  2. Keeping Snowplow’s footprint small – at Snowplow we believe very strongly in building modular, loosely-coupled software. Massive monolithic systems that ‘do everything’ are a nightmare to test, maintain and extend – so we prefer to build small, standalone components and libraries which we (and the community) can then compose into larger pipelines and processes

On to the library: for Scala developers, the main benefits of using scala-maxmind-geoip over the MaxMind Java library are:

That’s it! And if you have any problems with this Scala library for MaxMind GeoIP lookups, please raise an issue or get in touch with us via the usual channels.


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