Snowflake is the 800-pound gorilla of the cloud data warehouse market, breaking new ground with its innovative separation of compute and storage. One of the thousands of organizations adopting Snowflake? Learn how Snowplow delivers the best behavioral data into Snowflake, enabling you to better understand and serve your customers.

The collaboration between Snowplow and Snowflake is great…Snowplow’s JSON schemas make it so easy to query data in Snowflake

Wannes Rosiers, Area Manager – Data Personization, DPG Media

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Why does Snowplow deliver the best web and mobile data for your Snowflake data warehouse?

Rich and granular data

Snowplow’s behavioral data is automatically enriched with 130+ data points before reaching your Snowflake warehouse. Attach your own additional data and it will automatically flow through to your warehouse.

Low latency load

Snowplow behavioral data is streamed into your Snowflake warehouse within 20 minutes. Low latency loading means low latency data product.

Automatic table evolution

Data structures that evolve with your business: our technology automatically updates and extends your Snowflake tables as you evolve your behavioral data tracking.

dbt models included

Double-down on your dbt investment with Snowplow: Snowplow provides out-the-box dbt models for working with our behavioral data in Snowflake.

Snowplow + Snowflake = Win

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