Deep customer understanding begins with high-quality behavioral data

Generate complete, accurate and well-structured event data across all platforms and channels in a common format, with the Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform.

Unified behavioral data

Power multiple use cases with a single, unified data set generated from web, mobile and other sources.

Assurance in your data

Avoid poor quality data eroding confidence in your reporting, analytics and products.

Faster execution

Clean, well-structured data means less time preparing data and more time creating value.

Over 10,000 organizations use Snowplow to succeed by deeply understanding their customers

Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform

We bring people, processes and technology together in one platform to help you drive value from behavioral data

We solve

technology challenges

Our open-core technology generates rich, high-quality behavioral data, process it and delivers it to your real time streams, data lake and data warehouse.

We solve

organizational challenges

Structured workflows, tooling and the Snowplow Console help solve common challenges around data quality, governance, observability and meaning.

We solve

compliance challenges

Engineered for ethical data collection; identify, control and manage personally identifiable information and meet compliance requirements.

All underpinned by the ongoing strategic and technical expertise we provide you

Generate a unified data set to deliver value, faster

A behavioral data set to power your current and future use cases


Assign credit to each marketing touchpoint that influences high value user behavior; bespoke to your product and user journeys.


Understand what drive user engagement and personalize the experience in real time to drive acquisition and retention.

Product Analytics

Develop a strong understanding of user behavior to inform product strategy and optimise the product experience.

Churn Reduction

Identify trends in user interaction to isolate behaviors predictive of retention and churn for better forecasting and interventions.

Data products

Put great behavioral data at the heart of your products to deliver compelling and unique value propositions to your customers.

and many more…

Snowplow delivers a data-set that can power all your data use cases from traditional web analytics to building data-driven products.

Our products

Snowplow BDP

Behavioral Data Platform

Scalable, production-ready and fully supported Snowplow technology, with our platform to empower you to govern, quality assure and manage your data collection.


Behavioral Data Engine

The engine behind the Behavioral Data Platform, available for you to set up and run; empowering you to generate high-quality behavioral data.

Snowplow helps you overcome common challenges

Enabling self-serve culture

As your organization scales, self-serve culture and freeing up data team time becomes more critical to success. This is challenging without high-quality, well-documented data collection.

Having more than one source of truth

Without a single high-quality behavioral data set as your source of truth, trust in the data will erode. Siloed data and lack of reliable change management perpetuate this.

Maintaining a complex data platform

You must collect and deliver the data in a robust, performant and assured manner, and the time, knowledge and expertise required to run and maintain a complex data platform is sizeable.

Our customers achieve more with their data


“Snowplow has blown Nordstrom’s minds in speed and range of data, offering complete extensibility of batch and real-time feeds and schemas in hours and seconds, respectively. With a small but dedicated team of engineers, we were able to replace our bulky and expensive third-party solution with one custom tailored to our needs and satisfaction. There’s simply no going back.”

Sean Halliburton, Senior Engineering Manager at Nordstrom

“Snowplow enables several things that are important for Omio and for data quality: We want to be able to control and own all of our data. Snowplow is open source, which means that we can have confidence in it; we can look at the code and figure out what’s going on or change things.”

Rahul Jain, Principal Engineering Manager at Omio

“Snowplow provides all of our event data in a data model we own end-to-end, and can easily shape to fit our organisational needs. Snowplow has really helped accelerate our analytics; now we can quickly answer questions that would have required a tremendous amount of engineering effort with our previous solution.”

Darren Haken, Head of Data Engineering at AutoTrader

“Thanks to the unlimited, real-time data points Snowplow lets us gather, we can calculate individual user footprints, and will soon offer users a more personalized content space when they come to La Presse sites.”

Hervé Mensah, Director, Data Science & Integration at La Presse

“Full ownership and flexibility of your data pipeline. Decide what you want to track when and where, across platforms and devices in a scalable and unified manner. Out of the box it works but when optimizing it to your needs, you will see the true value. Enrich tracking with almost no limitations.”

Stephen Beuker, Manager Data and Analytics at BVA Auctions


Give your organization a competitive advantage with Behavioral Data Management