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Empower your team to use data to differentiate.
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Build a complete picture of your customers interactions with you across
all platforms and channels. Act on that insight to deliver a differentiated
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Differentiate with data.
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Enabling smart people
to differentiate with data

Clever use of data is what marks the winners from the rest
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Our technology gives you control of your own data,
setting your team free to use data to be transformative.


Collect and Analyze.
Own and Act.

Take control of your data collection, with Snowplow Insights. Open up a world of possibility to differentiate with data.

Build intelligence and insight on that data, with the tools and technologies you want.

Act on your data.

Snowplow Data Pipeline

Snowplow Insights

Data collection done right

Data collection is the foundation of a data strategy. Collect user-level and event-level data across all platforms and channels.

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Snowplow has been a game-changer here at Viadeo, handling 10 million events per day. Today at Viadeo, every single engineer and product manager is able to setup a rich metrics dashboard in a few minutes. Eric Pantera, VP of Engineering

Data Analytics

Use data to build intelligence
  • Report, dashboard and KPI design and delivery.
  • Data model and schema design and evolution.
  • Implement and roll out single customer view.
  • Use data to solve specific problems: e.g. optimize marketing spend across channels, increase customer retention.
  • Training in how to use Snowplow technology including workshops and support contracts.
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Data Engineering

Operationalize your data
  • Design, build and run real-time data processing applications e.g. dashboards, personalization engines
  • Extend the Snowplow technology stack with support for tracking new platforms, new enrichments and new storage targets.
  • Training and support contracts to help you effectively deploy and run Snowplow open source technology
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