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What are the options?

Product Batch Real-time
Managed service
Snowplow data pipeline setup
Ongoing instrumentation and monitoring of the data pipeline
Proactive monitoring of the data pipeline, including identifying and addressing issues that arise
Support with developing and evolving the event dictionary, including schema definitions and Iglu
Support with data modeling and integrating BI tools
Support via phone and email
Your own pipeline, data warehouse and AWS account
Regular loading of events into Amazon Redshift
Real-time streaming of events into Amazon Kinesis, to power data-driven applications
Real-time dashboards and reporting using Elasticsearch and Kibana
Price per month From $1,250 From $5,000

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Understanding the options

Batch vs real-time

With the Snowplow batch pipeline, you can track all events from your website, mobile app, server side systems, third party systems and any type of connected device, so that you have a record of what happened, when, and to whom. The Snowplow pipeline then processes these eventsand loads them into your Amazon Redshift data warewarehouse to you can join them with other data sets and perform sophisticated analysis on that data.

The real-time pipeline supports the regular loading of events into Redshift, as well as:

  • Publishing your event data into an Amazon Kinesis stream, for real-time processing of the data in real-time applications (e.g. personalization, marketing automation)
  • Delivering real-time reports and dashboards e.g. by loading your data into Elasticsearch and Kibana

Both the Managed Service Batch and Managed Service Real Time are available for a 30 day trial.

Managed Service vs open source

The core Snowplow data pipeline is open source. You are free to set it up and run it yourself on your own AWS account.

Setting up, managing, monitoring, repairing and upgrading the open source platform (either batch or real-time) requires significant devops expertise. We offer a Managed Service for companies that do not have those expertise, or have them but wish to deploy them to doing more with the data.

The Snowplow team can setup, manage, montitor and upgrade your Snowplow data pipeline as part of the Managed Service. We have a significant amount of propriatary technology that we use to programmatically setup, instrument, upgrade, closely monitor and repair client data pipelines, as a service.

We setup and run pipelines for our Managed Service users on their own AWS accounts. This means that they still own all their own data. It also means they are free to leave our service if they wish, without losing access to their data. This gives our users the best of both worlds: the convenience of a service, with the assurance that they own all their own data.

In addition to managing your Snowplow pipeline as a service, we also support our Managed Service clients setting up and evolving their event dictionaries and data models.

Both the Managed Service Batch and Managed Service Real Time are available for a 30 day trial.