Snowplow Professional Services

We offer five services:

  1. Snowplow implementation. We support clients implementing Snowplow, including running proof-of-concepts, rolling Snowplow out across domains and applications, integrating Snowplow data with third party data sets and designing and implementing dashboards and reporting cubes on top of Snowplow and connected data.
  2. Web and event analytics. We help companies make the most of Snowplow data to answer the business questions that matter to them: including designing research questions, formulating hypotheses and testing and iterating hypotheses with Snowplow event data.
  3. KPI and dashboards. We design KPI and reporting dashboards on top of Snowplow and other data sets that monitor your progress against the business objectives that matter most to you.
  4. Custom data warehouses and pipelines built using EMR and Redshift. We bring our experience delivering sophisticated, scalable, fault-tolerent data pipelines for Snowplow and help companies use the same cutting-edge technology to deliver scalable, reliable data pipelines and ETL processes for their own specific event-models and data sets.

Experts at designing, developing, deploying and using data processing infrastructure

Snowplow Analytics is proud to be an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner.