Who uses Snowplow?

What do our users have to say?

We use Snowplow at the heart of our data programme combining online behaviour and offline profile data. It drives the behavioural signals for our custom recommendations engine, trending and API and editorial reporting systems. Building these in any other platform would have been a pain, but in Snowplow it's just SQL.

Simon Rumble, Head of Data, Analytics and CRM at Bauer Media Australia

Snowplow's been a game-changer here at Viadeo. In a few months we were able to drop both Google Analytics and Omniture and now rely fully on Snowplow, in production, handling 10 million events per day. We like the versatility of the infrastructure - we use our internal Hadoop / Spark stacks to create deep BI reports, merging Snowplow data with other business data sets. We also love the simplicity and open-innovation approach provided by Redshift: today at Viadeo every single engineer and product manager is able to setup a rich metrics dashboard in a few minutes.

Eric Pantera, VP of Engineering, Viadeo

We're avid fans of Snowplow Analytics. It allows us to track large-scale experiments whilst enabling us to answer business questions no one else can answer. We love it and our clients reap the rewards.

Robert Kingston, Director, MintMetrics.IO

We have been using Snowplow for the last 6 months to connect online user activity to transactional data (Quotes, Policites and Revenue). Reports have been built by our Business Intelligence team in our standard reporting framework (Microsoft SSAS Analysis Services), giving business users acess to data using their everyday reporting tools (Excel). Building these reports from the ground up using granular (Snowplow) data has allowed us to define the exact measures and dimensions that we need.

The areas the data has been used to date are Product Performance Measurement and Marketing Optimisation. The marketing reports have given us granular insight we've never had before on campaign performance (to keyword level). From the output of the analysis we're saving substantial amounts of marketing spend that can be reallocated to other more profitable areas

Phil Berryman, Head of Ecommerce, Simply Business

Having your granular data end up in Redshift, ready to be enriched with our business data sources, is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Ryan Sorensen, Swing by Swing Golf Inc

Having a web analytics platform with summarized data, like Google Analytics, can provide immense value to many orgnaizations, but the future of web analytics is not summarized data, it's large amounts of structured and highly granular enriched data that can provide even more value in the hands of the right team.

Snowplow gives me complete ownership of my clickstream data with total flexibility at an affordable cost.

Joao Correia, Analytics Strategist, Blast Analytics and Marketing

Snowplow is the next generation web analytics for data driven organisations. At Hipper.com we could no longer extract incremental value from canned aggregated reports that you get from run of the mill SaaS web analytics solutions.

Snowplow enables us to take ownership of granular visitor behavioural data, which yields significant actionable insights and optimisation possibilities around the visitor’s journey.

Martin Johansson, Managing Director, Hipper.com