Snowplow is an event analytics platform


Snowplow enables you to:

1. Record events from anywhere

Snowplow enables you to record rich, granular, event level data from your

  • website,
  • mobile applications,
  • desktop applications,
  • server-side systems and
  • third party applications.

This data provides a record of everything that has occurred in your business, providing a solid foundation for

  1. building insight and
  2. using that for taking intelligent action.

Our large library of open source trackers enable you to track and generate data from your own systems.

In addition, we support ingesting data from a growing number of third party providers via webhooks.

2. Structure, enrich and model that data

Our pipeline does not just collect and warehouse data. It:

  1. Validates your data to ensure that it conforms the associated schemas. Unlike our competitors, we do not ignore malformed data - we provide it back to our users so they can address the issue at source and reprocess the data if necessary
  2. Enriches your data. Our enrichment performs dimension widening on captured data using third party data sets: for example:
    • parsing and categorising referer URLs,
    • inferring device, browser and operating system information from useragents,
    • locating users based on their IP addresses, by country and business,
    • identifying the campaign that drove a user to your website or application, for example
  3. Models your data. Snowplow provides a framework not just for collecting event-level data, but processing it including:
    • Identity stitching algorithms to figure out which events belong to a particular user, and aggregate over that user’s data to create an update to date record for her in user-level table
    • Sessionize events - grouping events together into logic flows that correspond to specific user actions

3. Load the data into your own data warehouse to power sophisticated analysis

We deliver your event-level data to you in your own datawarehouse. That gives the ability to:

  1. Join your event-level data with other data sets, including customer data sets (e.g. CRM), marketing and campaign data (e.g. Adwords), product and merchandising data and financial data
  2. Perform sophisticated analytics including
    • Customer / marketing analytics
    • Catalog / merchandising analytics
    • Product analytics
  3. Develop predictive models

4. Make that data available to real-time data processing applications via Amazon Kinesis

Snowplow is your company’s digital nervous system. We can deliver your event-level data to an Amazon Kinesis stream, so that you can build data-driven applications that consume that data and take intelligent decisions based on our data in real-time.

Your data scientists can build models based on the complete historical data set in the Snowplow datawarehouse, and then put those models live on the data coming in production.

Just think about what that makes possible.

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