We are fortunate to partner with some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the industry, to deliver value to our users.

1. Technology partners

We are fortunate be partnering with organisations at the cutting-edge of analytics services and cloud-based data services.
Partner Description

Snowplow is a scalable platform built to handle billions of events per day. Building Snowplow on AWS has enabled us to deliver that scalability in a cost-effective way for our users.

The Snowplow stack leverages a range of Amazon Web Services, including Kinesis, Redshift and Elastic Mapreduce. For more information see our Technology section.

We are proud to be Amazon Technology Partners.

Because Snowplow delivers high-resolution, event data into our client's own data warehouses, our clients are free to pick whatever combination of analysis and business intelligence tools to analyse that data with.

We recommend using Looker to mine Snowplow data. Looker takes a very innovative approach to business intelligence, that is especially well-suited to empowering individuals across an organisation to explore and drive insight from large quantities of event-level data.

For more information on the Snowplow-Looker partnership, and why we recommend Looker, see our blog posts here, here and here.

For Snowplow users who want to use Hadoop-based tools (e.g. Hive, Pig, Mahout) etc. to mine their Snowplow data, we recommend using Qubole's service to do so.

For more information on using Qubole with Snowplow, see our blog posts here and here.

2. Implementation partners

Our implementation partners work with business both to integrate Snowplow tracking (including developing client-specific event dictionaries) and drive insight from the Snowplow data. We are in talks with a range of different companies, of different sizes and specialisms, to become implementation partners, and look forward to announcing them in due course.
Partner Description
Coming soon Coming soon

3. Data partners

Our data partners make it possible to infer additional data points to append to individual events as part of the Snowplow enrichment process.
Partner Description
MaxMind's Geo-IP database enables Snowplow users to infer the location of their users, based on their IP addresses.
Open Exchange Rates service makes it possible for Snowplow users to perform currency conversions on financial data points related to particular events.
For more details see [Alex's blog post on context] [context-blog-post].

4. Supporting organisations

We are grateful to the following organisations for their ongoing support of Snowplow.
Partner Description
Github kindly hosts all our public repositories, wikis, and websites for free. It is hard to imagine how we'd distribute Snowplow and collaborate with such a wide variety of contributors without it.
Navicat is our preferred SQL query tool. The good folks at Navicat have kindly given us open source licenses for their product.
Snowplow is a member of the Microsoft BizSpark program.