Yali Sassoon
Yali is co-founder and analytics lead at Snowplow. You can find in him on , Twitter and LinkedIn.
24 February 2017

Sigfig and Weebly talk at second Snowplow Meetup San Francisco

16 January 2017

Data collection: the essential, but unloved, foundation of the data value chain

09 January 2017

Snowplow Javascript Tracker 2.7.0 released

27 October 2016

The Snowplow Meetup New York Number 2 - a recap

17 October 2016

How Viewbix uses Snowplow to enable their customers to make data-driven decisions

12 October 2016

Snowplow Python Tracker 0.8.0 released

07 October 2016

Iglu 6 Ceres released with significant updates to Igluctl

15 September 2016

Snowplow at Measurecamp London September 2016 - a recap

05 August 2016

A roundup of recent Snowplow Meetups in Amsterdam, Berlin, London and Tel-Aviv

25 July 2016

How we're reinventing digital analytics at Snowplow: presentation to the DA Hub Europe

21 April 2016

The inaugural Snowplow Meetup Boston is a wrap!

20 April 2016

The inaugural Snowplow Meetup New York is a wrap!

21 March 2016

The second Snowplow Meetup Amsterdam scheduled for May

16 March 2016

An introduction to event data modeling

07 March 2016

Ad impression and click tracking with Snowplow

03 March 2016

Debugging bad data in Elasticsearch and Kibana - a guide

22 February 2016

Building first and last touch attribution models in Redshift SQL

19 February 2016

The inaugural Snowplow Budapest Meetup is a wrap!

16 February 2016

How RJ Metrics measure content engagement with Snowplow: a case study

10 February 2016

Building robust data pipelines that cope with AWS outages and other major catastrophes

27 January 2016

Snowplow Meetups set for New York and Boston this spring!

17 January 2016

Web and mobile data only gets you to first base when building a single customer view

12 January 2016

Bauer and Digdeep presentations from the second Snowplow Analytics Sydney meetup

07 January 2016

We need to talk about bad data

23 November 2015

Inaugural Snowplow Meetup Budapest set for February 2nd 2016

10 November 2015

The second Snowplow meetup in Sydney set for December 15

09 November 2015

The Crunch Practical Big Data Conference Budapest was awesome - thank you!

22 October 2015

The inaugural Snowplow meetup in San Francisco is a wrap!

04 September 2015

The first Snowplow meetup in San Francisco announced!

19 August 2015

The inaugural Snowplow Meetup Berlin is a wrap!

31 July 2015

Issue with Elastic Beanstalk Tomcat container for Clojure Collector users - diagnosis and resolution

10 July 2015

The inaugural Snowplow meetup in Berlin event to take place on August 11

19 May 2015

The inaugural Snowplow meetup in Amsterdam is a wrap!

20 April 2015

Christophe Bogaert is a Snowplower!

07 April 2015

Snowplow meetup set for Amsterdam, May 13th

05 April 2015

Snowplow at the Data Insights meetup in Cambridge

11 February 2015

Inaugural Snowplow meetup London - a recap

08 December 2014

Snowplow meetups announced in London and Sydney

07 December 2014

Modeling event data in Looker - the Snowplow presentation from Look&Tell London, November 2014

03 September 2014

Come and meet the Snowplow team this September in Berlin

11 July 2014

How configurable data models and schemas make digital analytics better

06 June 2014

Making Snowplow schemas flexible - our technical approach

30 May 2014

Snowplow 0.9.4 released with improved Looker models

20 May 2014

The Snowplow team will be in Berlin and Budapest in June - get in touch if you'd like to meet

16 April 2014

Understanding Snowplow's unique approach to identity stitching, including comparisons with Universal Analytics, Kissmetrics and Mixpanel

19 March 2014

Snowplow and Looker announce formal partnership - the most powerful, flexible, web analytics solution in the world

19 February 2014

Why and how to use big data tools to process web analytics data? Joint Qubole and Snowplow webinar

15 January 2014

Amazon Kinesis tutorial - a getting started guide

08 January 2014

Snowplow 0.8.13 released with Looker support

08 January 2014

Five things that make analyzing Snowplow data in Looker an absolute pleasure

10 December 2013

Introducing Looker - a fresh approach to Business Intelligence that works beautifully with Snowplow

04 December 2013

The first Graduate Data Science Initiative event in London

20 November 2013

Loading JSON data into Redshift - the challenges of quering JSON data, and how Snowplow can be used to meet those challenges

19 November 2013

Quick start guide to learning SQL to query Snowplow data published

11 November 2013

A round up of our trip to the Budapest BI Conference last week, and a thank you to the many people who made the trip so worthwhile

28 October 2013

Our video introduction of Snowplow to code_n

28 October 2013

Call for data! Support us develop experimental analyses. Have us help you answer your toughest business questions.

23 October 2013

Join the Snowplow team in Budapest the first week of November

22 October 2013

Using the new SQL views to perform cohort analysis with ChartIO

18 October 2013

Snowplow 0.8.10 released with analytics cubes and recipes 'baked in'

30 September 2013

Book review - Apache Hive Essentials How-to

27 September 2013

How much does Snowplow cost to run?

11 September 2013

Reprocessing bad rows of Snowplow data using Hive, the JSON Serde and Qubole

03 September 2013

Using Qubole to crunch your Snowplow web data using Apache Hive

19 July 2013

Snowplow presentation at the Hadoop User Group London AWS event

10 July 2013

Help us build out the Snowplow Total Cost of Ownership Model

09 July 2013

Unpicking the Snowplow data pipeline and how it drives AWS costs

02 July 2013

Reduce your Cloudfront costs with cache control

28 June 2013

Is web analytics easy or hard? Distinguishing different types of complexity, and approaches for dealing with them

26 June 2013

Getting started using R for data analysis

05 June 2013

Tracking Olark chat events with Snowplow

22 May 2013

Measuring how much traffic individual items in your catalog drive to your website

20 May 2013

Performing market basket analysis on web analytics data with R

10 May 2013

Where does your traffic really come from?

23 April 2013

Funnel analysis with Snowplow (Platform analytics part 1)

18 April 2013

Measuring content page performance with Snowplow (Catalog Analytics part 2)

12 April 2013

Measuring product page performance with Snowplow (Catalog Analytics part 1)

20 February 2013

Bulk loading data from Amazon S3 into Redshift at the command line

18 February 2013

Reflections on Saturday's Measurecamp

04 February 2013

Help us build out the Snowplow Event Model

29 January 2013

Introducing the Pixel tracker

21 January 2013

What data should you be passing into your tag manager?

18 January 2013

Implementing Snowplow with QuBit's OpenTag

17 December 2012

Transforming Snowplow data so that it can be interrogataed in BI / OLAP tools like Tableau, Qlikview and Pentaho

16 November 2012

Integrating Snowplow with Google Tag Manager

31 October 2012

Snowplow in a Universal Analytics world - what the new version of Google Analytics means for companies adopting Snowplow

24 October 2012

Performing web analytics on Snowplow data using Tableau - a video demo

12 October 2012

How we use Hive at Snowplow, and how the role of Hive is changing. (Slides from our presentation to Hive London.)

11 October 2012

Attlib - an open source library for extracting search marketing attribution data from referrer URLs

24 September 2012

Why set your data free?

02 August 2012

The setup guide has been overhauled