27 January 2017  •  João Correia

How a clear data taxonomy drives insight and action

03 March 2016  •  Yali Sassoon

Debugging bad data in Elasticsearch and Kibana - a guide

22 February 2016  •  Yali Sassoon

Building first and last touch attribution models in Redshift SQL

19 August 2015  •  Christophe Bogaert

Dealing with duplicate event IDs

02 July 2015  •  Justine Courty

Analyzing marketing attribution data with a D3.js visualization

12 February 2015  •  Fred Blundun

JSON schemas for Redshift datatypes

31 July 2014  •  Nick Dingwall

Using graph databases to perform pathing analysis - initial experiments with Neo4J

30 July 2014  •  Nick Dingwall

Loading Snowplow event-level data into Neo4J

28 July 2014  •  Nick Dingwall

Can graph databases enable whole new classes of event analytics?

11 July 2014  •  Yali Sassoon

How configurable data models and schemas make digital analytics better

16 April 2014  •  Yali Sassoon

Understanding Snowplow's unique approach to identity stitching, including comparisons with Universal Analytics, Kissmetrics and Mixpanel

19 February 2014  •  Yali Sassoon

Why and how to use big data tools to process web analytics data? Joint Qubole and Snowplow webinar

10 December 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Introducing Looker - a fresh approach to Business Intelligence that works beautifully with Snowplow

19 November 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Quick start guide to learning SQL to query Snowplow data published

28 October 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Call for data! Support us develop experimental analyses. Have us help you answer your toughest business questions.

22 October 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Using the new SQL views to perform cohort analysis with ChartIO

30 September 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Book review - Apache Hive Essentials How-to

11 September 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Reprocessing bad rows of Snowplow data using Hive, the JSON Serde and Qubole

03 September 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Using Qubole to crunch your Snowplow web data using Apache Hive

28 June 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Is web analytics easy or hard? Distinguishing different types of complexity, and approaches for dealing with them

26 June 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Getting started using R for data analysis

22 May 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Measuring how much traffic individual items in your catalog drive to your website

20 May 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Performing market basket analysis on web analytics data with R

10 May 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Where does your traffic really come from?

23 April 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Funnel analysis with Snowplow (Platform analytics part 1)

18 April 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Measuring content page performance with Snowplow (Catalog Analytics part 2)

12 April 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Measuring product page performance with Snowplow (Catalog Analytics part 1)

18 February 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Reflections on Saturday's Measurecamp

08 January 2013  •  

Using ChartIO to visualise and interrogate Snowplow data

17 December 2012  •  Yali Sassoon

Transforming Snowplow data so that it can be interrogataed in BI / OLAP tools like Tableau, Qlikview and Pentaho

31 October 2012  •  Yali Sassoon

Snowplow in a Universal Analytics world - what the new version of Google Analytics means for companies adopting Snowplow

24 October 2012  •  Yali Sassoon

Performing web analytics on Snowplow data using Tableau - a video demo

24 September 2012  •  Yali Sassoon

Why set your data free?