19 July 2013  •  Yali Sassoon

Snowplow presentation at the Hadoop User Group London AWS event

Yesterday at the Hadoop User Group, I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to speak about Snowplow at the event focused specifically on Amazon Web Services, and Redshift in particular.

I hope the talk was interesting to the participants who attended. I described how we use Cloudfront and Elastic Beanstalk to get event data into AWS for processing by EMR, and how we push the output of our EMR-based enrichment process into Redshift for analysis. The slides I presented are below:

Many thanks to Dan Harvey for organising the event, Ian and Ianni from Amazon for their presentations, and Amazon for sponsoring the event!

Yali Sassoon
Yali is co-founder and analytics lead at Snowplow Analytics. You can find in him on , Twitter and LinkedIn.
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