The Snowplow Analytics Cookbook

Snowplow enables analysts to perform a wide variety of both simple and sophisticated analytics on your web analytics data.

In this section of the website (which we are building out to include more and more analyses), we provide a step-by-step guide to performing the different analyses including documenting the actual queries themselves.

Background to data analysis in Snowplow

Learn about how Snowplow data is

  1. produced
  2. stored
  3. structured

Performing analysis in Snowplow

  1. Basic recipes. Simple web analytics to get started with Snowplow data.
  2. Customer analytics. Understand your customers and users.
  3. Catalog analytics. Understand the different ways content on your website and products in your catalog drive user behavior and value.
  4. Platform analytics. Understand how updates to your application change user behavior and grow value.
  5. Tools and techniques. Useful techniques to employ with Snowplow data across a range of analyses.