Technical Product Manager London, UK

Over the past four years Snowplow has grown into the industry-leading open-source event data pipeline, consisting of a dizzying array of user-facing products and SDKs, software libraries, general-purpose infrastructure tools, plus the proprietary products supporting our Managed Service.

We are looking for our first technical product manager to help us to manage this complexity and to maintain our impressive release velocity even as our team grows.

This role is more technical than many product management positions. Snowplow is not a packaged SaaS product - instead, our various user constituencies (data analysts, developers, devops) interact with the platform via SQL, software SDKs and public APIs; being open source, the Snowplow codebase is itself an important user-facing aspect of the product.

Responsibilities for our first technical product manager will include:

  • Collaborating with Snowplow’s co-founders to formalise the product roadmap and release sequencing across all Snowplow projects
  • Becoming the product owner for specific Snowplow projects, including potentially: new data sources for Snowplow; Snowplow Mini; our new product Sauna; our Managed Service customer dashboard
  • Working closely with Product Engineering and Infrastructure Engineering to deliver new releases
  • Writing detailed technical specifications for new features and products
  • Testing and iterating ideas with the Snowplow community via our new RFC process
  • Providing thorough QA and feedback to Engineering on new release candidates
  • Communicating new releases to the community via blog posts, detailed tutorials and in person at conferences and meet-ups

Product Management is a new team at Snowplow - and this first role is a great opportunity to work closely with a fast-growing startup’s founding team on the design and evolution of an enterprise-grade open-source software stack.

We would love to get to know you if:

  • You are deeply technical. You may not code regularly, but you have a deep familiarity across the software stack, you understand and respect open source, and you are comfortable working side-by-side with software engineers
  • You have a strong product sensibility. This is not a project management role - we are looking for creative candidates who understand how to craft raw software projects into compelling user-facing products
  • You are highly experienced at software delivery. You are confident managing a release roadmap, you can hold software engineers to account, and you understand the importance of small batches and minimizing work-in-process
  • You communicate with clarity and enthusiasm. Snowplow customers, users and contributors are highly technology- and data-literate and expect high-quality communication and collaboration with our team

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