The Event Analytics Platform

Every single event, from every one of your platforms, stored in your own data warehouse and available to action in real-time

More insight from your data

  • Dashboards, reports and models built on the entities and events that make sense to your business

  • Perform the bespoke analytics that drives the bottom line: customer lifetime value, behavioral segmentation, attribution, price elasticity, merchandising analytics, content analytics and predictive modelling

Act on your data in real-time

  • Segment your audience in real-time based on their behavioral data
  • Intervene in your user's journey or session to improve outcomes

Used by some of the most data-sophisticated organizations in the world

Snowplow's been a game-changer here at Viadeo...handling 10 million events per day. Today at Viadeo, every single engineer and product manager is able to setup a rich metrics dashboard in a few minutes.

Eric Pantera, VP of Engineering, Viadeo

We use Snowplow at the heart of our data programme combining online behaviour and offline profile data. It drives the behavioural signals for our custom recommendations engine, trending and API and editorial reporting systems. Building these in any other platform would have been a pain, but in Snowplow it's just SQL.

Simon Rumble, Head of Data, Analytics and CRM at Bauer Media Australia

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